metal stamping Metal Stamping

Tool Masters

A good part starts with a great tool.

Bi-Link’s tools are all designed and built in house. We’re in total control of quality as well as delivery; in fact, we set the bar for tool lead-time. We also set the bar for creating unconventional solutions where others hit a roadblock. From mobile phones and medical devices to countless automotive applications, we’ve seen — and done — it all.

History in Metals

Bi-Link has built a worldwide reputation in metal stamping. Leveraging our position as a global supplier of wireless EMI shields and other components, we have expanded to multiple industries. This allows us to bring diverse, cost-effective designs to our customers.

Metal Stamping

Range of Capability

Our capabilities are broad; with material thicknesses ranging from 0.05mm - 3.0mm, we manufacture the widest range of components and assemblies.

Automotive Metal Stamping

Global Factories

Bi-Link has the footprint to meet your manufacturing requirements. Additionally, we have the resources to double capacity in weeks, not years - so you can reduce your vendor base and never worry about splitting up your project.