rapid prototyping Prototyping

No Upcharges or Asterisks

Bi-Link has a full range of in-house prototyping capabilities in North America and Asia. Unlike “proto-only" shops, we apply what we learn through the Open Innovation stage to supply the first quantity of real parts. You get the right parts, extremely fast, with no upcharges and no asterisks.

Plastics + Metal + Assemblies

Bi-Link's core capabilities represent a triple threat for our customers. With plastics, metals and assemblies under one global “roof," we truly make it happen — even in odd, in-between quantities.

Additive Manufacturing

Speed + Capability + Location

Today more than ever, time-to-market matters. Whether you need rapid prototyping or a full production ramp-up, Bi-Link has the people, processes and logistics to get it done fast. Our factories are strategically located worldwide to manufacture what you need and have it where you need it cost-effectively.