Why We're Different

Push the boundaries on design projects. Then go from prototypes to execution and delivery. Your part from mind to market. That’s the Bi-Link difference.


Get a few plastic parts and DFM in days (not weeks), before you even say “prototype." With Bi-Link, you'll never run into asterisks (*) — "exceptions" that end up costing you time and money.

  • Partnership in Open Innovation

    Manufacturability analysis (DFM)
  • Parts to Play with Now

    Quick-turn parts in your material
  • Plastics and Beyond

    Single-source for plastic and metal components
  • Production When Ready

    Early involvement = seamless manufacture transition
Rapid Prototyping

Longevity & Reputation

For more than 50 years, our family-owned company has earned its standing among Fortune 100 companies in automotive, wireless, medical and consumer markets. We’re their “Go To” partner for fast response and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Single-Source Advantage

Most component manufacturers have a narrow focus by process, industry or location. Bi-Link, however, has multiple capabilities worldwide — prototyping, stamping, molding and assembly, all in house.

Global Footprint

Bi-Link has wholly owned manufacturing facilities in China, Mexico and the U.S. We have the capacity and capability to execute whenever and wherever needed.

Our People

We’re forward-thinkers, always pushing the envelope and finding smart ways to try new things. Our culture is rooted in responsiveness … and it shows in every interaction, worldwide.